The Pearson Vue Trick | NCLEX Results

I have recently been getting a ton of messages on Facebook and via email about how to do the Pearson Vue Trick. So I decided to make this step-by-step guide to doing the Pearson Vue Trick on your own at home. I used this method in my video and blog post because I just needed to have a little hint of how I did. I was offered a job back in February that was contingent upon me passing the NCLEX. So not passing the NCLEX would have meant that I needed to look for a position as a nursing assistant and to study even harder for the next test. I’m very Type A and needed to have a little hint about how my future was going to play out and what to plan for.

Where To Go

You can go to either the NCSBN website or the Pearson Vue website. Both are linked here to take you directly to the sign in portion and then watch the video for the next steps.

* Disclaimer: This is an unofficial unofficial method. The ONLY official method of finding out if you passed the NCLEX is to see your license from your local state board of nursing. Even the quick test results from Pearson Vue say UNOFFICIAL on them! The method that I discuss in this video is simply for those who are curious.

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