The Pearson Vue Trick | NCLEX Results

I have recently been getting a ton of messages on Facebook and via email about how to do the Pearson Vue Trick. So I decided to make this step-by-step guide to doing the Pearson Vue Trick on your own at home. I used this method in my video and blog […]

good or bad pop up

I’m related to Princess Diana!!

So….yeah. There’s this. I won’t spoil it by telling you how I am related to Princess Diana, but go and watch. Do it! Crazy right?

Planner Haul and Staying Organized In Nursing School 5

I had a special request from JeNn D on YouTube who wanted to see how I organize my calendar for school. This video has been a long time in the making! I wanted to get different components for my school planner as I couldn’t find anything in just one planner […]

The Husband/Wife Makeup Challenge 1

  My husband and I took a break from everything and did the Husband and Wife Makeup Challenge. It was hilarious what we ended up with! We tagged Nurse Bass on Youtube  and his wife to take a break from everything else as well and let Nurse Bass do your makeup!

Nike Studio Wrap Review 1

So I saw these bad boys on instagram and just knew that I had to have a pair of them! They are toeless shoes for yoga or dance. When I say shoes, that’s sort of a misnomer. They are very light and airy. There is a tad bit of elastic around […]