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10 Random Facts About Me!

Hey guys! Come check out my latest video as I tell you 10 completely random facts about myself. I also have tagged NurseMurse, Nurse Bass, and JenLovesNursing to tell everyone 10 random facts about themselves. I cannot wait to see what they say!  

I’m related to Princess Diana!!

So….yeah. There’s this. I won’t spoil it by telling you how I am related to Princess Diana, but go and watch. Do it! Crazy right? https://youtu.be/j1xT8G3RhTc

Summer Giveaway Winners

The Summer Giveaway is over and 3 gorgeous gals have won some Badge Blooms! Thanks so much to everyone who participated (over 635 entries) and a big thank you again to Melissa of Badge Blooms for providing these adorable badge holders. I will be in touch with each of you […]